Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma demonstrative, locative (1)

-ši- {in} ášitta

Meaning outside, outdoors
Original entry -ši- {in} ášitta ‘outside, outdoors’ RR
Sources RR

-ší- {in} hašítta

Meaning behind, in the rear
Original entry -ší- {in} hašítta ‘behind, in the rear’ RR
Sources RR

-ší {in} gaší

Meaning long time ago, for a long time
Original entry -ší {in} gaší ‘long time ago, for a long time’ RR
Sources RR

-ší- {in} gašídą

Meaning long time ago
Original entry -ší- {in} gašídą ‘long time ago’ RR
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