Words in Lakota for lemma spread (3)


Meaning spread out to dry
Comment Noun
Original entry mní ‘spread out to dry’ C
Sources RTC

mní, pa-

Meaning divide, distribute
Original entry mní, pa- ‘divide, distribute’ B-430a
Sources EB: 430a

mnimni, óna-

Meaning be on one’s way
Original entry mnimni, óna- ‘be on one’s way’ B-396a
Sources EB: 396a

mní, wa-

Meaning dry by spreading out e.g. shelled corn
Original entry mní, wa- ‘dry by spreading out e.g. shelled corn’ B-536a
Sources EB: 536a

mnípi, wa-

Meaning fruit etc. spread out thinly
Original entry mnípi, wa- ‘fruit etc. spread out thinly’ B-536a
Sources EB: 536a


Meaning distribute
Original entry kpamní ‘distribute’ EJ
Sources EJ


Meaning flatten the contents of a bag
Original entry opámni ‘flatten the contents of a bag’ EJ
Sources EJ


Meaning lit. distribution place; agency
Original entry owákpamni ‘agency’ “distribution place” EJ
Sources EJ


Meaning fruit
Original entry wamníyąpi ‘fruit’ (Noun) EJ
Sources EJ