Words in Lakota for lemma locative (5)

-na {in} ecána

Meaning soon
Comment in ref. to time and place
Original entry -na {in} ecána ‘soon’ B-136
Sources EB: 136

-na {in} ektána

Meaning there behind, after
Original entry -na {in} ektána ‘there behind, after’ B-142
Sources EB: 142

-na {in} éna

Meaning right here
Original entry -na {in} éna ‘right here’ B-142
Sources EB: 142

-na {in} kákhena

Meaning somewhere, in some direction
Original entry -na {in} kákhena ‘somewhere, in some direction’ B-280
Sources EB: 280

-na {in} thahéna

Meaning on this side
Original entry -na {in} thahéna ‘on this side, in ref. to time and place’ B-473
Sources EB: 473

-na {in} itáhena

Meaning on this side of, i.e. in time or place
Original entry -na {in} itáhena ‘on this side of, i.e. in time or place’ B-237
Sources EB: 237