Words in Lakota for lemma locative (2)

-ya {in} héciya

Meaning at that place, there
Original entry -ya {in} héciya ‘at that place, there’ B-170
Sources EB: 170

-yą {in} téhąyą

Meaning far away
Original entry -yą {in} téhąyą ‘far away’ B-486
Sources EB: 486

-yą {in} tohą́yą

Meaning as long as, as far as; for how long?
Original entry -yą {in} tohą́yą ‘as long as, as far as; ‘for how long?’ B-493
Sources EB: 493

-yą {in} toką́yą

Meaning having ref. to another place
Original entry -yą {in} toką́yą ‘having ref. to another place’ B-495b
Sources EB: 495b