Words in Omaha-Ponca for lemma this, here, now (1)

-hi {in} gá-hi

Meaning in that place
Original entry -hi {in} gá-hi ‘in that place’ DPPNMS-para. 110

-hi {in} shé-hi

Phonetic Siouan †šéhi
Meaning in that place
Comment = DA hé-chi
Original entry †šéhi -hi {in} shé-hi ‘in that place’ ( = Dak. hé-chi) DPPNMS-para. 110

-hi {in} dhé-hi

Phonetic Siouan †ðéhi
Meaning in this place
Comment = DA de-chi
Original entry †ðéhi -hi {in} dhé-hi ‘in this place’ ( = Dak. de-chi) DPPNMS-para. 110