Words in Quapaw for lemma untie, untwist

kdá, ba-

Meaning open (the hand)
Original entry kdá, ba- ‘open (the hand)’ RR
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kdá, bi-

Meaning press out, push/blow loose
Original entry kdá, bi- ‘press out, push/blow loose’ RR
Sources RR

kdá, da-

Meaning undo with the mouth, teeth
Original entry kdá, da- ‘undo with the mouth, teeth’ RR
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kdá, di-

Meaning undo, untie, pull loose
Original entry kdá, di- ‘undo, untie, pull loose’ RR
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kdá, ka-

Meaning sway
Original entry kdá, ka- ‘sway’ RR
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kdá, ną-

Meaning loosen, come undone
Original entry kdá, ną- ‘loosen, come undone’ RR
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kda, pá-

Meaning cut along the edge of sth.
Original entry kda, pá- ‘cut along the edge of sth.’ RR
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