Words in Quapaw for lemma twist > wrap, fold


Meaning twist, roll with the palms vt
Comment ppíbebni špíbebni bibebni
Original entry bibébni ‘twist, roll with the palms’ vt ppíbebni špíbebni bibebni RR
Sources RR


Meaning twist with the hands vt
Comment bdíbebnį ttíbebnį dibebni
Original entry dibébnį ‘twist with the hands’ vt bdíbebnį ttíbebnį dibebni RR
Sources RR


Meaning wrinkled, fold
Comment bdíbešį ttíbešį dibes/i
Original entry bešǫ́ ‘wrinkled, fold’ JOD
Sources JOD

béšį, ka-

Meaning dull a tool trying to sharpen
Comment bdíbexʔį ttíbexʔį dibex/i
Original entry béšį, ka- dull a tool trying to sharpen RR
Sources RR

bešį́, di-

Meaning bend sth. backwards v
Original entry bešį́, di- bend sth. backwards v bdíbešį ttíbešį dibes/i RR
Sources RR

bexʔį́, dí-

Meaning bend down, pull down vt
Original entry bexʔį́, dí- bend down, pull down vt bdíbexʔį ttíbexʔį dibex/i RR
Sources RR