Words in Hoocąk for lemma skim (3)

-ɣé, gi-

Meaning bring out, as fish with net
Original entry -ɣé, gi- ‘bring out, as fish with net’ KM-337
Sources KM: 337


Meaning fish out of a liquid with the mouth
Original entry -ɣé, ra- ‘fish out of a liquid with the mouth’ KM-2547
Sources KM: 2547

-ɣé, ra-

Meaning rescue one from drowning; pull out of water
Original entry -ɣé, ru- ‘rescue one from drowning’ KM-2671
Sources KM: 2671


Meaning [skim (3)]

-ɣé, ru-

Meaning [skim (3)]


Meaning [skim (3)]