Words in Hoocąk for lemma similitive

-sge {in} éejaxjįnį́įsge

Meaning about there; about that time
Original entry -sge {in} éejaxjį, éejaxjįnį́įsge ‘about there; about that time’ KM-300
Sources KM: 300

-sge {in} eejaxjįnįįsge

Meaning thus, be thus
Original entry -sgé {in} heesgé = žeesgé ‘thus, be thus’ KM-791
Sources KM: 791

-sgé {in} heesgé = žeesgé

Meaning be correct, true; truely
Original entry -sgé {in} hisgé ‘be correct, true; truely’ KM-1074
Sources KM: 1074

-sge {in} heesge = žeesge

Meaning thus, be thus
Original entry -sgé {in} žeesgé ‘thus, be thus’ KM-4009
Sources KM: 4009

-sgé {in} hisgé

Meaning surely
Original entry -sgé- {in} žeesgéxjį ‘surely’ KM-4010
Sources KM: 4010

-sge {in} hisge

Meaning [similitive]

-sgé {in} žeesgé

Meaning [similitive]

-sge {in} žeesge

Meaning [similitive]

-sgé- {in} žeesgéxjį

Meaning [similitive]

-sge- {in} žeesgexjį

Meaning [similitive]