verb social_transfer


Proto-Siouan *wį́he

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-wį́

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *ruwį́

Chiwere -mį, irú- ‘sell’ LWR:12 , -mi, ru- ‘buy something’ LWR:26 , -mi, wirú- ‘Money’ LWR:36

Hoocąk -wį́, ru- ‘buy,’ KM:2761 , ruwį ‘do one’s shopping’ KM:3457 , -wį́, waru- híi , waruwį hii

Proto-Dhegiha *rü-wį́

Kanza/Kaw yümį́ ‘buy something’ RR

Osage thiwíⁿ , †ðüwį́ ‘buy’ LF:151a



Tutelo -miha, klu- ‘buy s.t.’ H , wāglumihínta, ‘he buys’ H , kilomīha

General comment

This is an important set. Although marginally attested, it appears to confirm that Proto-Siouan *w remains oral in several languages preceding a nasal vowel if that vowel was followed by *h, cf. ‘chert, flint’ and ‘female, woman’. It is the establishment of this conditioning environment that permits us to analyze Proto-Siouan as a language with distinctive nasality in vowels but not in consonants.

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