burn (4)

noun physical_condition_change

Proto-Siouan-Catawba *wira

Proto-Siouan *wirá•

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *wiráʔ

Crow biláa ‘fire’ RG, GG:30, RGG:49

Hidatsa wiráʔ ‘fire’ J , miráʔ

Pre-Mandan *:wra

Mandan wára, wáraʔ ‘fire’ RTC


Catawba wi•rą ‘burn’ KS

General comment

Final might be reconstructible on the basis of Hidatsa and Mandan forms, but final ʔ is not otherwise a feature of Proto-Siouan, and present day Mandan speakers also know Hidatsa, so the precise status of ʔ is unclear. Mandan often places a nondistinctive ʔ at the end of citation forms ending with a short vowel, and Hollow recorded the form without ʔ. The Catawba form, because of its nasality, fits better with ‘burn (3), prairie fire’. It is possible however that at some point both sets were related formally along with the ‘heat/cold, instrumental’ instrumental prefix.

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