brother (4) wBrel

noun social_kin



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *i-htį́-wro ~ *i-htí-wro

Proto-Dakota *thiwró

Lakota thibló ‘brother, woman’s elder’ [this is probably Dakota rather than Lakota] RTC , thimdó ‘a woman’s elder brother, my elder brother’ EJ , thibló EB:487b

Dakota timdó ‘woman’s elder brother’ SRR:468b

Stoney thimnó PAS

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *(i-)thí-Ro ~ *(i-)thį́-Ro

Chiwere ičhį́do RR

Hoocąk čitó ‘older brother (woman sp.)’ KM:215 , hicito

Proto-Dhegiha *(i-)htí-Ro ~ *(i-)htį́-Ro

Omaha-Ponca ttinuhá ‘woman’s elder brother vocative’ RTC , itínu MAS:195

Kanza/Kaw iččído ‘woman’s elder brother’ RR

Osage iṭsiⁿ´do , †ihcį́to ‘woman’s elder brother’ LF:80b

Quapaw ittítto ‘woman’s elder brother’ RR



Ofo thĭⁿto, tíⁿto, itxĭⁿ´to , †thį́to ‘husband’ D&S:330b

General comment

Cf. ‘brother (3) wBrel’ for variant with ą́. Since both Biloxi and Tutelo show the ą́ variant of this term, the Ofo term may have collapsed the vowels in the opposite direction, or may be a borrowing.

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