noun animal_bird




Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *ą•sąną

Biloxi aⁿsna, aⁿsŭná, aⁿsûná ‘generic: a duck, ducks’ D&S:178a , ą•snaʔ, ą•sənaʔ MRH , ą•sənaʔ MS

Ofo óⁿfạna , †ą́fəną ‘duck’ D&S:328a


Tutelo manēasān , †mąne•asą•


Catawba kasą́ ‘duck’ ASG

General comment

Biloxi/Ofo normally lose *#m-, so OVS languages all seem to form compounds with *wą ~ *awą́•bird > game bird, turkey’ or ‘nest’. Tutelo shows the compounding most clearly. The other common element here seems to be *asą•white (1)’, q.v., or alternatively a phonosymbolic element of the same shape representing a duck call. The match between DH and the southeastern languages may simply represent parallel derivation. The term may also have spread areally as there is a Yuchi look-alike, šaʔane (LB) as well as a Catawba form.

Other languages

  • Yuchi: šaʔane LB
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