bird (3)

noun animal_bird



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *sí•h-ka


Hoocąk siikáksik ‘partridge’ KM:2838 , siikaksik

Proto-Dhegiha *síhka

Kanza/Kaw síkka RR

Osage sǘhka ‘chicken’ RR , çiúḳa ‘turkey’ LF:348a

Quapaw síkka ‘chicken’ RR

General comment

Presumably the MVS sih and zik stems for ‘bird’ are in some convoluted way doublets. sih- may in fact be from an earlier *sik-. The medial -c- in Proto-Crow-Hidatsa probably reflects a reduplicated form *cí•cika.

Osage rounding is unaccounted for. Initial syllable accent suggests a lost initial syllable. Although DH hk appears superficially to match tk of Lakota zįtká etc., such a cluster ought to yield ht in DH by regular metathesis, cf. ‘drink’, ‘fork’.

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