bedding, covering

noun physical_artefact



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *owį́že

Proto-Dakota *owį́ža

Lakota owį́ža ‘something spread to light down or sit on; a bed; a floor’ [thówįže his bedding] EB:415b, B&D:33, EJ

Dakota owiŋża , †owį́ža ‘bed’ WM:15b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *omį́že

Chiwere umíye ‘bedding, quilt(s), anything you put on the bed’ JDH

Hoocąk čiómįš ~ cíi woomį́š ‘carpet, rug’ KM:252 , ciomįš ~ cii woomįš

Proto-Dhegiha *omį́že

Omaha-Ponca umízhe , †omíže MAS:15

Kanza/Kaw omį́že ‘bedding’ RR

Osage umízhe , †omį́že ‘mattress, bedding, pallet, carpet’ LF:173b

Quapaw ómįže ‘bed, couch’ JOD



Tutelo miqaiⁿ´hotʻ ‘blanket’ HW

General comment

Cf. ‘blanket (1), shawl, robe’. This term is probably an extension of the shawl term and is most likely from *(o-)wa-ʔį(-še); o- ‘within’, wa- ‘nominalizer’, ʔį́wear about the shoulders’, -še a root extension.

This is a very common derivational pattern. The in the underlying

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