arrowleaf (Sagittaria latifolia)

noun plant



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *psį• < **wa-sį•

Proto-Dakota *psį ~ *pši

Lakota pšithóla ‘broad-leaved arrowhead’ EB:447a , šiptola ‘bulbous esculent root’ SRR:426a

Dakota psiŋćíŋća ‘bulbous esculent root’ SRR:426a , psiŋćá ‘bulbous esculent root’ SRR:425b


Hoocąk sįįpóro ‘arrowhead lily’ KM:2858 , sįįporo

Proto-Dhegiha *sį RR

Omaha-Ponca ‘Sagittaria latifolia’ MRG:91

Osage çiⁿ , †sį ‘Sagittaria latifolia’ LF:30b

General comment

Cf. ‘onion’ and ‘rice, wild, Zizania aquatica’. Here Dakotan and Hoocąk/DH have unexplained differences in the fricative. While this is not the kind of semantically “graded” root that normally shows fricative symbolism, perhaps it does occur here.

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