rice, wild, Zizania aquatica

noun plant


Proto-Siouan *wa-sį́


Mandan pšį́•xa• ‘sage’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *psį́

Proto-Dakota *psį́

Lakota psį́ ‘rice’ RTC

Dakota psį́ ‘rice’ SRR:425b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *sį•

Chiwere thínhgañye , †θį ‘wild rice’ JGT:216

Hoocąk sį́į ‘rice’ KM:2856 , sįį

Proto-Dhegiha *sį

Omaha-Ponca sin , †sį ‘wild rice’ JOD:256.15

Kanza/Kaw ‘wild rice’ RR



Biloxi soⁿyití , †sǫ- ‘rice’ D&S:257b , soⁿpxóⁿni , †sǫ- ‘wheat, flour, dough’ D&S:257b

General comment

Cf. ‘onion’, ‘arrowleaf (Sagittaria latifolia)’ for similar initial cluster. Without Crow or Hidatsa cognates it is very hard to know whether to reconstruct the cluster or absolutive *wa-. Virtually all known MVS #pC- clusters go back to bimorphemic Proto-Siouan *wa-C sequences in which wa- is either ‘absolutive’ or ‘1st singular actor prefix (underlying)’. The Biloxi vowel is aberrant, however, and the form may not be cognate.

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