towards (2)

particle physical_spatial



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hpa


Hoocąk -pa in: éepa ‘ever since then, from that point in space’ KM:301 , -pa in: eepa ‘from that time’ KM:1692 , -pa- in: éepareją́ ‘to or from that extent or point in time or space’ KM:981 , -pa- in: eepareją , -pá in: hipá , -pa in: hipa


Kanza/Kaw -ppa- in: ettáppale ‘facing something, facing that way’ RR , -ppa- in: gagóppale ‘facing that way’ RR , -ppa in: gódappa, gódappale ‘facing that way’ RR , -ppa- in: yegáppale ‘face this way’ RR

General comment

There may be a derivational connection (or contamination) between ‘towards’ *hpa with ‘forehead (2)*hpe and ‘head, nose (1), front end*hpa. Compare the seeming relationship of ‘towards’ *hta and ‘face*te or ‘forehead (1)*hte.

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