arise (2) > get up

verb physical_motion


Proto-Siouan *ki-rahÉ

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *ki-rahÉ

Crow čilÉ ‘rise, get up’ RGG:31, GG:38

Hidatsa (h)kirahÉ ‘get up’ J , kirahí

Proto-Southeastern *ki-kré•- < **ki-k-rhe•

Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *ki-Re

Biloxi kíne, kĭnedí, kĭnĕ´ ‘arise, get up’ D&S:235a

Ofo akạléwa , †akəléwa ‘stand up’ D&S:319a


Tutelo kiklēse ‘awake’ H:36

General comment

This form consists of ‘stand’ with the Proto-Siouan vertitive prefix *ki-. Cf. ‘standing, inanim. classifier’. Biloxi n reflects an earlier kr, cf. ‘find’ and ‘marked > spotted, striped (1)’ for other instances. This pre-Biloxi kr corresponds to the Hidatsa form. With the loss of the k in Biloxi, another ki- was added. Tutelo shows an equivalent to the Biloxi process just described.

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