noun social_nation




Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *watókta

Chiwere wat’óhta , †wathóhta [(archaic)] LWR:64 , wadóhda , †wathóhta JGT:196

Hoocąk waǰokǰáǰa ‘Otoe Indian’ KM:3330 , wajokjaja


Omaha-Ponca wathútada , †waðóttada ‘Otoe’ MJS:130

Kanza/Kaw wadóttatta ‘Otoe’ RR , wadóttadą ‘Otoe’ RR

General comment

Probably a loanword. The Hoocąk and Lakota/Dakota clusters do not match. If one is to be reconstructed, it should be the stop cluster *kt, cf. DH tt, not xt (which would have remained in DH). We would suggest that the Dakota form has been contaminated by the other term for Otoe, Kanza/Kaw wažóxla, Osage wažóxða, etc., which has x. Omaha-Ponca should have d in place of ð, so there is indeed quite a bit of borrowing evident here, even though it is not always possible to discover the direction.

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