1st singular possessor

pronoun n/a


Proto-Siouan *wą (?)

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *wa-

Crow ba-

Hidatsa wa- , ma-


Proto-Dakota *mą

Lakota ma-

Dakota ma-



Ofo ba-

General comment

Cf. ‘1st singular patient (1)’ (?), ‘1st singular possessor, inalienable’.N.B. that in the 2nd person, possessive prefixes with a alternate with those having i (ya ~ yi), and in these cases Catawba also uses both prefixes, but with different classes. This would seem to suggest that the alternation is archaic but more evidence is needed. Siouan has innovated the labial first person markers, of course; Catawba has a dental first person prefix set. Ofo b violates all known labial sound correspondences. The oral vowel in Ofo and the nasal vowel in Proto-Dakota cannot be reconciled. Proto-Crow-Hidatsa is indeterminate for nasality. The fragmentary nature of this putative correspondence set causes us to at least question the existence of a Proto-Siouan antecedant. It is possible that simple patient pronoun prefixes were extended to include a possessive role in some languages.

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