tooth (2)



Proto-Siouan *í•h-Sa (?)

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *ihša

Crow ihtá ‘molar, eye tooth’ GG:75, RGG:72

Hidatsa í•šša ‘tooth’ J


Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *í•hsa (?)

Biloxi iⁿsú, iⁿ´su , †įsu ‘tooth’ D&S:203a

Ofo ī´fha , †í•fha ‘tooth’ D&S:323b, JSS

General comment

Although the fricatives do not correspond properly, and true cognacy of this set therefore remains in question, this appears, at least superficially, to be another *hs > fh case in Ofo. The southeastern languages lose initial h- routinely, so this form could be related to ‘tooth (1), edge, point’.

Language Cognate Phonetic Siouan Meaning Comment Sources