thunder (2)



Proto-Siouan *tú•ha

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *tú•ha

Crow súua RG , suú GG:56, RGG:7

Hidatsa tahú ~ táhu ‘thunder’ J

Proto-Southeastern *tú•ha ~ *tú•he


Biloxi ṭuhé, ṭúhe , †tuhé ‘thunder’ D&S:281b


Tutelo tūi, tūhangrūa , †tu•h- ‘thunder’ H

General comment

Cf. ‘thunder (1)’. tahu shows rightward vowel exchange. From PSi t we would expect Crow š/__u; however, Crow s is regular for pre-Crow t /__a. This suggests a series of developments like the following: *tahu > *sahu > *sau > *suu. -uu is the stem vowel in Crow; -uua is the citation form -- with added -a (?). The implications are that rightward vowel exchange occured in Proto-Crow-Hidatsa (not just in Hidatsa) and its product was reduced in Crow. Cf. ‘visible’.

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