Proto-Siouan *-kásE

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-kacE

Crow -kačí, rak- ‘emerge, come into the open’ GG:41 , dakkachí ‘slash, slit, gash’ GG:4 , -káči, a- , akáchi

Hidatsa -kácE, ha- ‘butcher’ J , kaci-re• ‘go hunting’ J



Hoocąk -gás, boo- ‘cause paper or cloth to tear by shooting’ KM:49 , boogas ‘tear paper or cloth by striking’ KM:328 , -gás, gi- ‘cut paper or cloth with tearing motion’ KM:1949 , gigas ‘tear paper or cloth with the foot’ KM:2137 , -gás, mąą- ‘tear paper or cloth with the teeth; make a faux pas’ KM:2546 , mąągas ‘cause paper or cloth to tear by heat’ KM:3048 , -gás, nąą- ‘tear paper or cloth by pressure or pushing’ KM:3250 , nąągas , -gás, ra- , ragas , -gás, taa- , taagas , -gás, wa- , wagas

General comment

The forms here all typically accent the root but have neither aspiration nor vowel lengthening. This, then, is the sort of stem that causes us to interpret those phenomena as at least marginally phonemic. Cf. ‘cut (1)’.

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