sudden action (2)

verb physical_action



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *rhi-rÉ


Chiwere ǰire, uǰire ‘begin’ JGT:76

Proto-Dhegiha *_thi-_ré

Omaha-Ponca †thiðe

Kanza/Kaw čhiyé ‘sudden action in this direction’

Osage ṭsithé (sic) , †chiðé ‘denoting, sudden action’ LF:163a

Quapaw thidé ‘start, passby, come forth at birth’ JOD

General comment

Osage “ṭs” clearly should be ts = ch. La Flesche often makes mistakes with the tense vs. aspirated affricate. See ‘sudden action (1)’, which complements this set. These *rh clusters are all generally secondary products of syncope from an earlier Proto-Siouan *rVh-.

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