squeeze (1)

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-šką́•tE

Pre-Mandan *-skat-

Mandan -skátoʔš, ra- ‘he bites it’ H:211 , -skátoʔš, ru- ‘he squeezes it firmly in the fist’ H:211



Chiwere withgáwe , †wiθkáwe ‘squash sth.’ JGT:239



Biloxi tckáⁿti, du- , †dučką́ti ‘mash fruit, etc., in the hands’ B&D:265a , tckáⁿti, dŭ´kŭ- , †də́kəčką́ti ‘mash fruit, etc., by sitting on it or hitting’ B&D:265a , tckáⁿti, na- , †načką́ti ‘mash, as fruit, by kicking or treading on’ B&D:265

General comment

Nasalization is irregular in either the Mandan or Biloxi cognate. Without further cognates it is impossible to know which because the two languages should agree for this feature, but v. ‘squeeze (4)’ in which both nasal and oral variants are common. Cf. ‘play (2)’ The Chiwere form shows a p or w post-extension. Cf. ‘squeeze (3)’. It fits phonologically with the other set but semantically with this one. Derivational suffixes differ.

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