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Proto-Siouan *pará•šE

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-wrážE

Proto-Dakota *-wraža

Lakota kabláža ‘spread wide, straddle’ RTC

Dakota kamdáz´a , †kamdáža ‘spread open, as the legs; straddle’ SRR:258b


Chiwere bráshge , †brášge ‘flat; broad; lid; plate; flat dish’ JGT:8

Proto-Dhegiha *ka-bráže

Kanza/Kaw gabláže ‘straddling’ JOD

Osage gabtházhe , †kabráže ‘sit Turk fashion, as a tailor’ LF:43a

Quapaw kabdáže ‘stand with knees apart’ JOD , bdáže, ka- ‘spread, stand with knees apart’ RR



Ofo pạlā´tci , †pəlá•či ‘wide’ D&S:328b, JSS

General comment

The only clue as to whether this reconstruction should have Proto-Siouan initial *wa-r- or *par- comes from Ofo. Normally unaccented *wa- leaves a- in both Ofo and Biloxi where initial labial resonants were lost, so the reconstruction should be with *pa-. This is not the homophonous instrumental prefix, as that prefix would never have undergone syncope in MVS. Forms here appear to be in complementary distribution, semantically, with forms found under ‘rip (1)’.

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