rip (1)

verb physical_contact_deformation


Proto-Siouan *parásE (?)

Pre-Mandan *:praš- (?)

Mandan párašoʔš ‘it’s pointed’ H:148

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-wrázE

Proto-Dakota *-wrázA

Lakota blazáhą ‘ripped open’ RTC , bláza, ka- ‘make rip open or burst by striking, throwing down; burst something open, as a ball by striking’ EB:270 , bláza, na- ‘kick open, make burst by kicking e.g. a football; burst, as a kettle by freezing; burst open, as hominy by boiling’ EB:341 , bláza, pa- ‘burst open, tear open, e.g. a bag by sitting on it’ EB:422 , bláza, wa- ‘rip open lengthwise, as in butchering an animal’ EB:511 , bláza, wo- ‘tear open by shooting, e.g. the bowels of an animal’ EB:595 , bláza, ya- ‘tear open with the teeth’ EB:617 , bláza, yu- ‘burst open’ EB:634

Dakota mdazáhą ‘ripped open’ SRR:312b


Chiwere lubláðe ‘tear by hand’ GM , bráðe, na- ‘tear open, e.g. one’s foot’ LWR:19

Proto-Dhegiha *-bráze

Omaha-Ponca b¢azĕ , †bðáze ‘torn’ JOD

Kanza/Kaw bláze ‘torn’ RR , babláze ‘cut, tear, puncture sth.’ RR , báblaze ‘split open with a knife’ RR , bóblaze ‘shoot open, tear open by shooting’ RR , bübláze ‘split, tear, as clothes that fit too tightly’ RR , dáblaze ‘burst from heat’ RR , gabláze ‘burst open, cut a gash, from impact’ RR , nąbláze ‘tear or split with the foot’ RR , yabláze ‘tear with the teeth’ RR , yübláze ‘tear, rip open, break open’ RR

Osage btháçe , †bráze ‘tear paper or cloth’ LF:342a

Quapaw dibdáze ‘tear, rip, rupture’ RR , kabdáze ‘burst’ RR , nąbdaze ‘tear, rip one’s shoes’ RR

General comment

Forms here appear to be in complementary distribution, semantically, with forms found under ‘spread > flat (2)’. If Mandan is a prelengthening root, then the Proto-Siouan reconstruction to *pa is justified.

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