spread > flat (2)

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *pará•sE



Hoocąk parás ‘be flat, be wide’ KM:2439 , paras ‘flatten out with the fingers’ KM:2704 , ruparás ‘flatten, v.tr.’ KM:3420 , ruparas , waparás , waparas


Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *parasi

Biloxi ptçasí , †pdasí ‘wide, broad, flat’ D&S:249a

Ofo pạ́dāfi , †pada•fi ‘flat’ D&S:328b, JSS , pạdā´fi , †pada•fi ‘flat’ D&S:323, JSS

General comment

This is one of several entries in which Hidatsa, Biloxi, and/or Ofo forms suggest an initial Proto-Siouan *pá(•)rV- sequence. MVS, Mandan (and perhaps Biloxi) evidently shift the accent rightward one syllable, undergo the usual initial syllable vowel syncope, and produce the cluster that is a conflation of earlier *pr- and *wr-. Forms here appear to be in complementary distribution, semantically, with forms found under ‘rip (1)

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