sour (2)

verb perceptual_taste



Proto-Mississipi-Valley tʔa-

Proto-Dakota *tʔáɣA

Lakota tʔáɣA ‘lukewarm; to have a puckery or bad taste in the mouth’ EJ

Dakota ṭáġa , †tʔáɣa ‘rough: bitter, astringent, as oak bark’ SRR:482a


Chiwere tʔa ‘bitter’ LWR:30

Hoocąk tʔéek ‘be rotten’ , t’eek


Kanza/Kaw cʔáye ‘bitter’ RR

Osage ṭsʔáthe , †cʔáðe ‘sour’ LF:157a

General comment

Kanza/Kaw, Osage could be from either *tʔ or *sʔ or they may represent a conflation of both Proto-Siouan forms. Cf. ‘sour (1)’. This is another set arguing that t participated marginally in the spirant ablaut series.

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