wind (1)

noun natural_force_weather


Proto-Siouan [old reconstruction only]

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *htá•te

Proto-Dakota *thaté

Lakota thaté ‘wind’ RTC

Dakota taté , †thaté ‘wind’ SRR:462b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *thá•te

Chiwere tháǰe ‘wind’ RTC , thá•ǰe ‘wind’ RR

Hoocąk mą́įtaǰéhi ‘wind, storm, air’ KM:2076 , mąįtajewehi ~ mąįtajeehi ‘air’ KM:118 , čaač , caac

Proto-Dhegiha *htate

Omaha-Ponca tadé MAS:118

Kanza/Kaw ttaǰé ‘wind’ RR

Osage ṭadsé , †htacé ‘winds, air’ LF:136b

Quapaw ttáttiǫhé JOD

General comment

Cf. ‘wind (2)’. The accent shift in Dakota is regular; the DH accent shift is problematic but may be tied to the loss of vowel length in some DH dialects.

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