noun physical_somatic_liquid



Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-pxíta

Crow axpísa ‘snot, mucus’ GG:15

Hidatsa ša•kapxíta ‘algae (lit. frog snot)’ J

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hpa-xrį


Lakota phaxlí ‘snot’ RTC


Chiwere páxringe , †pháxrįge ‘snot’ JGT:232

Proto-Dhegiha *hpaxrį́

Omaha-Ponca paxthiⁿ , †ppaxðį MAS:160

Kanza/Kaw ppaxlį́ ‘snot’ RR

Osage p̣axthíⁿ , †hpaxlį́ ‘mucus from the nose’ LF:126b

Quapaw ppaxnį́ JOD

General comment

Here we group the forms which compound ‘head, nose (1), front end’ with either *xrįmucus’ or *xriooze’ to generate the meaning ‘snot’. The Crow and Hidatsa forms are probably not cognate since Crow s, Hidatsa t do not correspond to Proto-Siouan *r. The p in the Crow and Hidatsa forms might have come from ‘head, nose (1), front end’, though not through known sound changes.

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