slip (3)

verb physical_motion


Proto-Siouan *-srútE


Hidatsa -cu•ti ‘slip, slide’ J , cu•cu•ti ‘slippery’ J

Pre-Mandan *-šrut-

Mandan -širútoʔš, ru- ‘drop s.t.’ H:238 , -širútoʔš, ka- ‘strike at and miss’ H:237 , -širútoʔš, pa- ‘miss one’s target’ H:237 , -širúte, ka- ‘a blizzard’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *srútE

Proto-Dakota *-srutA

Lakota -slútA, ya- ‘pull out with the mouth’ EB:627 , -slútA, na- ‘kick out with the feet, as from one’s bed; to slip out, as a foreign object from an ulcer’ EB:357 , -slutA, oká- ‘hit the center, as in shooting and knocking out a piece perhaps’ EB:385 , -slútA, pa- ‘push out of, as dirt from a pipe stem’ EB:433 , -slútA, yu- ‘pull out, to draw out from under, as a splinter from under a fingernail, or a book from a shelf’ EB:650

Dakota yu-sdú-ta , †yusdúta ‘pull out, to draw out from under’ SRR:638b


Hoocąk suruǰré ‘slide down slowly’ KM:2875 , surucre ‘be naked’ KM:2877 , surusúruč , surusuruc

Proto-Dhegiha *-stǘte

Kanza/Kaw gasčǘsčüǰe ‘fringe’ MR, RR

Osage thistsu´dse , †ðüscǘce ‘draw off, pull off’ LF:149b

Quapaw distítte ‘pull out, milk, pull open’ JOD

General comment

The Hidatsa form without r but with long vowel may reflect earlier reduction of the *sr cluster. Cf. ‘lick’ in Hidatsa for a similar development. Cf. also Catawba sərét ‘pull off’.

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