shoulder > scapula

noun physical_somatic_body_part



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *á•wro

Proto-Dakota *awró

Lakota abló ‘shoulder, scapula’ EB:54b

Dakota amdó ‘shoulder, scapula’ SRR:32b


Chiwere á•bro ‘shoulder’ RR

Proto-Dhegiha *ábro

Kanza/Kaw abló ‘shoulder’ RR

Osage ábtho , †ábro ‘shoulder, scapula, upper arm’ LF:6b

Quapaw ábdo ~ abdó ‘shoulder’ JOD

General comment

In Proto-Mississipi-Valley this may be a compound of Proto-Siouan *a•rearm’ and *wroround (2)’. The variation in accent placement suggests various degrees of loss of distinctiveness in vowel length.

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