second daughter

noun social_kin




Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *wí•hą

Chiwere mį́•hą ‘second born daughter’ RR

Hoocąk wíihą, wihą́ ‘second daughter’ KM:3639 , wiihą

Proto-Dhegiha *wihé

Omaha-Ponca wihé ‘fourth daughter’ , wihé ‘younger sister’ RTC

Kanza/Kaw wihé ‘second daughter’ RR

Osage wihé ‘name by which the second daughter is called’ LF:216b

Quapaw wíhežika ‘third daughter’ JOD

General comment

The offspring numbering system, which shares several look-alikes with ‘man’s sister’ (e.g., DH wihésecond daughter’), seems to center on MVS and represents an innovation in that subgroup. Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere and Proto-Dhegiha are analogous responses to similar cultural stimuli -- not necessarily cognates.

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