scrape clean > wipe clean, clear off

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-Suhe

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-xua < *-xuhe

Crow -xua, páa- ‘scrape’ GG:53, RGG:29 , -xxua, alá ‘fry’ GG:9

Hidatsa -xua, pá- ‘tan hides, clean hides’ J


Proto-Dakota *izúza

Lakota izúza ‘whetstone’ EB:266

Dakota izúza ‘whetstone’ SRR:244a

Proto-Dhegiha *-sühü

Omaha-Ponca -síhi, ga- ‘clear’ MAS:40

Kanza/Kaw -sǘhü, ba- ‘clean out, brush clean’ RR , -sühü, bó- ‘blow out sth., as the muzzle of a gun’ RR, JOD , -sǘhü, bü- ‘wipe clean, rub clean’ RR, JOD , -sühü, dá- ‘burn off, burn bare as a prairie fire’ RR , -sǘhü, ną- ~ ną́sühü ‘wipe the feet clean, wear grass from a path’ RR , -sǘhü, yü- ‘clean, to pick clean or wash clean’ RR

General comment

Proto-Siouan he sequences normally have this relex in Hidatsa. In DH and MVS generally reflexes of he are most often lost. The partial reduplication shown here in the vocalism is paralleled in several color terms, cf.

white (1)’, ‘yellow’, ‘blue, green’.

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