rub (2)

verb physical_contact



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *štútE


Lakota -štútA, pa- ‘rub, as the feet with snow’ EB:435 , -štútA, yu- ‘rub or soak the feet, as with snow’ EB:653


Chiwere štúštuǰe ‘smooth, even’ GM , áwastuje ‘rub on something’ JGT:218

Proto-Dhegiha *-štüte

Omaha-Ponca iðištíde ‘make comfortable’

Kanza/Kaw íyüščüǰe ‘push on one side of something’ JOD , büštǘǰe ‘cause to be comfortable by pressing on’ JOD

Osage dástsudse , †táscüce ‘radiate, shimmer’ LF:36b

Quapaw distítte ‘pull out, milk, pull open’ JOD

General comment

This root shows every sign of having a long, accented vowel in Proto-Mississipi-Valley, *štú•te normal with secondary shortening /__CC in Chiwere, the only one of the languages represented here for which length was transcribed reasonably faithfully. Note that LaFlesche frequently wrote Osage šc as sc, so that the Osage form here may be fully cognate or, like the Quapaw, represent a second fricative symbolism grade.

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