rip (2)

verb physical_contact_deformation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-wrážE


Hoocąk páraš, nąą- ‘explode, v.intr.; burst of own accord, e.g., a balloon’ KM:2210 , nąąparaš ‘tear apart with the teeth, especially at the seam’ KM:2559 , paráš, ra- ‘rip seam on a garment’ KM:2705 , raparaš , paráš, ru- , ruparaš

Proto-Dhegiha *-braže

Omaha-Ponca gabðábðaže ‘wide apart’

Kanza/Kaw báblaže ‘split open with a knife’ RR , babláže ‘split using a pointed object, puncture’ RR , gabláže ‘straddling an obj., legs apart’ RR

Quapaw ákabdaže ‘straddle’ JOD

General comment

Forms here appear to be in complementary distribution, semantically, with forms found under ‘spread > flat (5)

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