quiver (for arrows)

noun physical_artefact_container




Proto-Dakota *wą́žu

Lakota wą́žu ‘quiver’ RTC

Dakota wáŋżu , †wą́žu ‘quiver’ SRR:527a

Proto-Dhegiha *mą́-ožü RR

Omaha-Ponca moⁿ´zhiha , †mą́žiha ‘quiver’ MAS:143

Kanza/Kaw mą́žü ‘quiver’ RR

Osage moⁿ´zhu , †mą́žü ‘quiver’ LF:104b

Quapaw mą́oží ‘quiver’ JOD

General comment

A compound of ‘chert, flint’ (=‘arrow’) and ‘put in, fill, plant’, q.v. Chiwere mą wíkʔį is not cognate beyond ‘arrow’. Since the bow and arrow were not introduced until ca. a.d. 500, these DH and Dakota terms are most likely separate coinages, just as the term for ‘bow’ was borrowed separately in the several MVS subgroups.

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