put, set upright




Proto-Mississipi-Valley *kré < *k-rhe

Proto-Dakota *kré

Lakota glé ‘put, place, stand on end’ RTC

Dakota hdé ‘put, place, make stand’ SRR:131

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *kré

Chiwere glé ‘put’ GM

Hoocąk keré ‘put sth. long, place upright’ KM:1791 , kere

Proto-Dhegiha *a-kre

Omaha-Ponca agðe ‘erect’

Kanza/Kaw ále ‘stand sth. up’ RR

Osage ágthe , †ále ‘place on top of another in an upright position’ LF:9b

Quapaw akdé ‘set upright upon’ JOD

General comment

These MVS verbs reflect *rahÉ > *rhéstanding, inanim. classifier’ with a ki- prefix. The sequence *k-rhé > *kré in MVS. These verbs of placing are routinely used with the locative prefixes i-, o-, a-. DH forms show a locative prefix.

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