noun animal_rodent


Proto-Siouan *ahpá•hį

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa apá•riʔ

Crow apáalii ‘porcupine’ GG:11

Hidatsa apá•riʔ, apá•riʔi ‘porcupine’ AWJ


Mandan pą́•hį ‘porcupine’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hpá•hį


Lakota phahį́ ‘porcupine’ RTC


Chiwere hį́ phahį ‘porcupine’ RR , hį pháhį ‘porcupine’

Proto-Dhegiha *hpáhį

Omaha-Ponca ba´hiⁿ , †ppáhį ‘porcupine’

Kanza/Kaw ppáhį ‘porcupine’ RR

Osage p̣áhiⁿ , †hpáhį ‘porcupine’ LF:125a

Quapaw ppahį́ ‘porcupine’ JOD

General comment

Cf. ‘sharp (2)’. Internal analysis of this term is difficult because of the possible independent meanings of the apparent constituent elements, *ahpá•hisharp (2)’ and *hį́hair, fur, feathers’. The order here is wrong for an original compound however, so the form seems to be the product of folk etymology. Omaha-Ponca †pp < b is not a regular pattern; we would expect pa´hiⁿ in the Swetland entry. MRS -r- is unexplained but also occurs in goose.

Many animal terms bear the prefix *wi-, but there is no evidence for it here.

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