pinch (1)



Proto-Siouan *-skápE

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-ckapE

Crow dáchkapi ‘squeeze, clamp with teeth’ RG , dúchkapi ‘pinch, bind’ RG , alachkapí ‘walk stealthily, cautiously’ RG , alashkapí ‘step on’ RG , dúshkapi ‘press, squeeze, hold’ RG

Hidatsa núckapE ‘pinch’ AWJ , páckapE ‘press with stick to hurt’ AWJ , arackápE ‘pinch with toes, walk along edge’ AWJ , nackápE- ‘pinch with teeth, nibble, gnaw’ AWJ

Pre-Mandan *-škap-

Mandan ruškáp ‘to pinch someone’ H:230 , raškáp ‘to pinch between the toes’ H:230 , raškáp ‘to nibble on’ H:230 , wáškap ‘to prick, pin sth.’ H:230 , wí•waškap ‘a fork (eating utensil)’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *skápe


Chiwere withgáwe , †wiθkáwe ‘press, bear down on sth.’ JGT:205



Ofo túfkopi ‘to pinch’ D&S:331a


Tutelo lutckep , †lučkep ‘to twist, wring’ HW

General comment

Cf. ‘hitka s.p where we are dealing with a homonymous set. The Tutelo form looks like a contamination. It looks as though we have mixed fricative grades in Crow and Tutelo. The Ofo vowel is unexplained and the form looks generally non-cognate. In Tutelo final stops are aspirated where a final vowel was lost.

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