verb physical_contact_impact



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-škápe


Lakota skápa, gla- ‘clap, make strikes together’ EB:151 , skápa, wo- ‘make a noise, as with a pop-gun or toy pistol; to miss fire, as when the cap explodes but does not ignite the charge’ EB:608 , skápa, ya- ‘make a noise as in kissing’ EB:626 , skápa, yu- ‘crack a whip, without striking’ EB:649 , škápa, pa- ‘make a noise with one’s hands in water’ EB:434 , škápa, na- ‘?; the word is used of two tops which while spinning run against each other’ EB:358


Hoocąk šgáp, boo- ‘knock over by running into’ KM:89 , boošgap ‘run into; run over (as with car); hit (as in baseball)’ KM:409 , šgáp, gi- ‘catch, v.tr.; catcher (in baseball)’ KM:2729 , gišgap , šgáp, ru- , rušgap

General comment

Cf. ‘pinch (1)

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