wear pants, wear on legs




Proto-Mississipi-Valley *o-thą́ ~ o-thų́

Proto-Dakota *o-thų

Lakota othų ‘put on and wear, leggings, pantaloons’ EB:409b

Dakota otóŋ , †othų ‘put on and wear, as leggings or pantaloons’ SRR:389b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *o-thą

Chiwere agúthą ‘leggings’ JGT, JEK

Hoocąk hočą́ ‘wear on legs’ KM:1178 , hocą

Proto-Dhegiha *o-thą́

Omaha-Ponca utóⁿ toⁿga ‘leggings’ MAS:112

Osage óthą ‘leggings’ JEK, MW

Quapaw othą́ ~ othǫ́ ‘leggings’

General comment

Certainly looks derived from ‘stand inside’ except for the aspirates in Chiwere/Hoocąk and Dakota. Cf. Kanza/Kaw oną́žį. Cf. also Kanza/Kaw obáhą ‘wear (generally)’, which may contain the root that is seen here in compound and ‘wear on the feet’ (which has *rh as opposed to *th here).

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