one (2)





Proto-Dakota *wą-

Lakota wąží, wą́či ‘one’ RTC, EJ

Dakota wąži, wą́ča PAS

Sioux Valley wąži, wą́ča PAS

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *i(•)žą-khi

Chiwere i•yą́khi RR

Hoocąk hižą́ ~ hižąkíira KM:1133 , hižą ~ hižąkiira

Proto-Dhegiha *wįa-xti

Omaha-Ponca ‘one’ RTC , wį́xti RR , wíaxči RR

Kanza/Kaw mį́xči ‘one’ RR , mą́xčą ‘once, one time’ JOD

Osage wį́xci ‘one’ RR , wiⁿáxtsi-oⁿ , †wįáxci-ǫ ‘once’

Quapaw mį́xti ‘one’ RR , míaxči ‘one’ RR

General comment

There are numerous problems with this set, and, although a fair amount of reconstruction is possible within subgroups, matches are only very partial among them. This set represents the replacement term for ‘one’ in the MVS languages. It coincides with the indefinite article in the respective subgroups, but usually shows some sort of augment. Cf. also ‘quantifier (2)’.

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