mire (2)

verb physical_spatial_aquatic


Proto-Siouan *satá•


Hidatsa núcata• ‘put hand in mud, sth. soft, sth. sticky’ AWJ , pácata• ‘put stick in mud’ AWJ , aracáta• ‘get foot in mud, sth. soft’ AWJ , nacáta• ‘chew sth. sticky’ AWJ



Kanza/Kaw dásta ‘melt’ MR, RR , dá•sta ‘melt’ MR, RR , ánąstásta ‘step into water and mud’ JOD, RR , yastásta ‘resin chewed by the Kaws’ JOD, RR

General comment

We have reconstructed the initial syllable vowel from Hidatsa, since the vowel length suggests it was there. Cf. ‘stick (7)’ for derivations; Cf. ‘strike (3)’ for a homonymous root. Mandan ratáhoʔš ‘he sinks into mud’ (H-243) may reflect this root minus the s pre-extension, or may reflect a contamination from ‘shake (3)’.

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