strike (3)

verb physical_contact_impact


Proto-Siouan *-satá•


Hidatsa núcata• ‘squash sth.’ AWJ , pácata• ‘press down hard, flat; smash, mash, crush’ AWJ , aracáta• ‘mash w. foot’ AWJ , nakcáta• ‘smash flat, crash’ AWJ


Proto-Dhegiha *-stá

Omaha-Ponca nąstá ‘step lightly’ JOD

Kanza/Kaw sta, íbo- ‘punch at with, nudge with’ RR , stá, ną- ‘kick someone, as a human, not as an animal’ RR , stá, ga- ‘hammer flat, beat until flat and long.’ RR , stá, ya- ‘chew on, flatten by chewing’ RR

Quapaw stá, ka- ‘strike, fall on’ RR

General comment

Osage †nąstáke ‘trample down’ (LF-113) shows this root with an extension.

Cf. numerous partial cognates in the s and š forms. Cf. ‘mire (2)’ for a homonymous root.

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