light in weight

verb perceptual_tactile



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *háha

Proto-Dakota *hahá-

Lakota hahála ‘loose, easily moved’ EB:164a

Dakota hahádą ‘easily moved, light in weight’ SRR:122a

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *háha

Chiwere háha ‘light, not heavy’ JGT:24

Hoocąk hahą-nį́k, hahą́-įk ‘be light in weight’ KM:564 , hahąįk

Proto-Dhegiha *háha

Omaha-Ponca hahada ‘light’ MAS:113

Kanza/Kaw háha hįŋa ‘light in weight’ RR

Osage háha , †háha ‘light, not heavy’ LF:58a

Quapaw háha ‘light in weight’ RR

General comment

Cf. ‘float (1)’. The Omaha-Ponca form may have been borrowed from Dakota. The Dakotan suffix is the diminutive, as are the (calqued?) suffixes in Kanza/Kaw and Hoocąk.

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