knock (2)

verb physical_contact_impact


Proto-Siouan *htášE


Hidatsa taššE, ara- ‘step in mud and get sucking noise; slap with foot’ [cf. taššahi ‘a slap’] J , taššE, ná- ‘nibble and make eating noise’ J , taššE, naka- ‘pat’ J , taššE, nú- ‘stick hand in mud and get sucking noise; erotically massage woman’ J

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *htašE


Hoocąk cácaš, boo- ‘type (on typewriter); tap’ KM:43 , boocacaš ‘chatter’ WL:47.1, KM:985 , cácaš, hira- ‘tap with the foot in time to music; make noise walking’ KM:2124 , hiracacaš , cáš, nąą- , nąącaš


Kanza/Kaw ttáxe, ga-, -xi ‘tap, make a tapping noise’ [ga-, -xi] MR, JOD, RR , ttáttaxe, ga- ‘tap repeatedly’ RR , ttaxi, ba- ‘grating sound of knife againstbone’ JOD, RR

Quapaw ttáxe, ba- ‘dry up, root up the soil’ RR , ttáxe, bi- ‘dry up, press dry’ RR , ttaxé, da- ‘gnash the teeth’ RR , ttáxe, da- ‘dry up from being gnawed’ RR , ttáxe, di- ‘dry out by pulling up, uproot’ RR , ttáxe, ka- ‘crack and die from being cut v as corn’ RR , ttáxe, ną- ‘stomp, trample, thump w. feet’ RR , ttaxe, pá- ‘cut and dry up, e.g. cornstalk’ RR , ttaxe, pó- ‘dry up from punching, cause to’ RR , ttaxe, tá- ‘dry up and die vi as vegetation from the sun’ RR , ttáže, ba- ‘popping sound from pushing’ , ttáže, bi- ‘popping sound from pressing’ , ttáže, da- ‘popping sound, make w. mouth’ , ttáže, ka- ‘clap the hands’ , ttáže, ną- ‘pop by stepping on’ , ttaže, pó- ‘thrust and cause popping sound’ , ttaže, tá- ‘popping sound, to make a’

General comment

Cf. ‘blister’. In this set the geminate šš of Hidatsa is not explained.

Cf. ‘knock (1)’.

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