kill (1)

verb psychosomatic_caus


Proto-Siouan *kité


Mandan ktÉ ‘to kill’ H:123

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *kté

Proto-Dakota *kté

Lakota kté ‘kill’ RTC

Dakota kté PAS

Stoney kté PAS

Sioux Valley kté PAS


Hoocąk kiikǰé ‘kill an enemy in warfare’ KM:1818 , kiikje

Proto-Southeastern *kité•

Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *kithé

Biloxi kte, kĭtĕ´, kitĕ´ , †kité ‘hit, shoot at’ D&S:214b

Ofo kt‹ĕ´, ktĕ , †kthé ‘kill’ D&S:326a


Tutelo kitē, ktē, kitēse ‘kill, shoot, beat’ H

General comment

Proto-Siouan *kté ‘kill’ could possibly be derived from *tʔéredie’ by some very old process. This root was contaminated by that meaning ‘shoot at’ in OVS. Since Ofo and probably Tutelo had an active second syllable aspiration rule, a Proto-Southeastern kithé may be justified.

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